• Yelena Popova: Untitled

    Yelena Popova: Untitled

    Among other things I’m interested in the digital, in the immateriality of screen-based images or those small, soft touch-screen gestures for example.

  • Laura Lancaster: Untitled

    Laura Lancaster: Untitled

    My work is based on anonymous, discarded snapshots of strangers and this painting is from an on-going series of graveside paintings I began earlier this year.

  • Lindsey Bull: Night Rite

    Lindsey Bull: Night Rite

    The painting depicts a figure looming out of a dark background, wearing a mask and cloak. The eyes of the figure are the focal point.

  • Guy McKinley: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

    Guy McKinley: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

    I wanted something striking and also quite fierce and I wanted the bird to look confident and defiant, like it was railing against the situation.

  • Juneau Projects

    Juneau Projects

    Juneau Projects are a duo that is still working out just how a shared practice should work and the products of their professional and personal journey are exhibited publically.

  • Ian Stevenson: Call 911

    Ian Stevenson: Call 911

    I was shocked at what I was seeing when the planes crashed into the World Trade Centre, but I can also understand how there's always two sides to every story.