• littlewhitehead: Throbbing Gristle

    littlewhitehead: Throbbing Gristle

    Throbbing Gristle is a toy Chihuahua, bought in a thrift shop in LA, attached to the wall by its head. We knew immediately we had to buy it.

  • Kevin Hunt: A Useful Force

    Kevin Hunt: A Useful Force

    The guy in the charity shop gave me the necklace for free. However, the 21 individual shapes that the necklace comprises of are really perfectly made. They have a certain sophistication.

  • Liz West: The Trolley Series

    Liz West: The Trolley Series

    I had to ask permission from the supermarket where I made the work, explaining I was an artist seemed to give me license to do what I wanted in the name of art.

  • Personal Best: Matthew Hague

    Personal Best: Matthew Hague

    What better way to sum up a journey, and the pride in what you are doing when there, than a postcard?

  • Nicki McCubbing: Whatever happened to Bubbles?

    Nicki McCubbing: Whatever happened to Bubbles?

    Bubbles is another symbol of the American dream gone wrong: an animal in the 80s dressed up and turned into something it could never be forever, a bit like Michael Jackson himself.

  • Andrew Maughan: Untitled Painting

    Andrew Maughan: Untitled Painting

    I like it when my paintings look like they could fall apart at any moment and there’s a tension in this one, it’s not quite balanced.

  • Yelena Popova: Untitled

    Yelena Popova: Untitled

    Among other things I’m interested in the digital, in the immateriality of screen-based images or those small, soft touch-screen gestures for example.

  • Laura Lancaster: Untitled

    Laura Lancaster: Untitled

    My work is based on anonymous, discarded snapshots of strangers and this painting is from an on-going series of graveside paintings I began earlier this year.

  • Lindsey Bull: Night Rite

    Lindsey Bull: Night Rite

    The painting depicts a figure looming out of a dark background, wearing a mask and cloak. The eyes of the figure are the focal point.

  • Guy McKinley: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

    Guy McKinley: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

    I wanted something striking and also quite fierce and I wanted the bird to look confident and defiant, like it was railing against the situation.

  • Juneau Projects

    Juneau Projects

    Juneau Projects are a duo that is still working out just how a shared practice should work and the products of their professional and personal journey are exhibited publically.

  • Ian Stevenson: Call 911

    Ian Stevenson: Call 911

    I was shocked at what I was seeing when the planes crashed into the World Trade Centre, but I can also understand how there's always two sides to every story.

  • Mike Ricketts: Huis Clos/Planning Line

    Mike Ricketts: Huis Clos/Planning Line

    They began to appear in various locations. The following morning, the commissioners received an email from Mendip District Council complaining about disruptive calls to their planning department.

  • Adam Chodzko: We love you here...

    Adam Chodzko: We love you here...

    This is an art work in the form of a very odd combination of advertisements and announcements as a page in the Frome Times.

  • Magnus Quaife: Untitled (Telecaster)

    Magnus Quaife: Untitled (Telecaster)

    This painting is part of a series called 1968 and other myths that began as the 40th anniversary of May 1968 approached.

  • David Kirkwood: May 16th

    David Kirkwood: May 16th

    Most of all, I want to celebrate the creative process itself and creative practitioners with this project, because we DO do something useful.

  • Alan Dunn: Constellation of Signs

    Alan Dunn: Constellation of Signs

    Constellation of Signs is a composition of 117 specially-designed signs installed onto the canal bridge at Linacre Lane in Bootle.

  • Hayley Lock: L.A.Y.L.A.H

    Hayley Lock: L.A.Y.L.A.H

    This work took a while to be contained as I became embedded in research waiting for the outlet to emerge.

  • Tony McCorry: The Cent

    Tony McCorry: The Cent

    My dad was always in there after he left us and never used to give our mom the money he was supposed to. She kept going down there looking for him.

  • Kid Acne

    Kid Acne

    The worst thing you can do is to try and second-guess what you think other people want, when in actual fact they’re not bothered either way. It’s much healthier to polarise opinion rather than try to appease everyone I think.

  • Corinna Spencer: The Gift

    Corinna Spencer: The Gift

    The challenge with re working a small part of a bigger story is to fit all of the things I want to say in one image, but at the same time make the painting open and inviting.

  • Nicholas Saunders: Swamp Thang

    Nicholas Saunders: Swamp Thang

    Printing the image was a challenge. It is a nine layer screen print all hand pulled, done over a three week period.

  • James Clarkson

    James Clarkson

    One of the most industrious and respected young artists to be found in the country, Clarkson is open about the historic root of his practice.

  • Nous Vous: Sculpture Garden.

    Nous Vous: Sculpture Garden.

    This is an image I've been trying to compose for a while, using line-work concentrating on form and shape.

  • Nicholas Dietrich Williams

    Nicholas Dietrich Williams

    Williams can sound romantic when he talks about his work. Painting, for him, is the grand love affair.

  • Drop Collective: Womb

    Drop Collective: Womb

    Womb is a mixture of both fiction and non-fiction. After my own experiences of warehouse living and taking trips to a few squats and raves in London.

  • Sophy Rickett: To The River

    Sophy Rickett: To The River

    I decided to put the letter and the photograph (taken with my phone camera on the night of filming) into the final exhibition really near the end of the project, but to me they are at the heart of it.

  • Anna Barriball: Untitled

    Anna Barriball: Untitled

    This drawing of a bricked up doorway took a couple of months to make. It is the largest piece using this process that I have made.

  • Cathy Lomax: White 12 (L’Atalante)

    Cathy Lomax: White 12 (L’Atalante)

    White 12 (L'Atalante) is from an ongoing series of work the full title of which is 'We Wear white, we are beautiful'. It is acrylic on card.

  • Young Pines: No Vacancy

    Young Pines: No Vacancy

    The zine works as a very small part of the project overall; the choice to self-publish was an alternative way of showing the work.

  • Alex Pearl: Sovereign and Highlander

    Alex Pearl: Sovereign and Highlander

    This is called Sovereign and Highlander as they’re the names of the two caravans in the picture. It's one of a series of drawings I am making using my mobile phone.

  • OWT


    Having created a universally loved ‘zine and embarking on numerous exciting projects as a design collective, OWT Creative consider how failure might be a better option.

  • Alli Sharma: Panda Postcard

    Alli Sharma: Panda Postcard

    On reflection, the London Zoo series is melancholic. There is sadness in the animals looking out from their artificial environments.

  • Various Artists: Drawing Paper

    Various Artists: Drawing Paper

    That we had so many people around us that could draw was probably the starting point for Drawing Paper, and developing more and more of an interest in drawing personally.

  • Andrew Bracey: Madame Moitessier

    Andrew Bracey: Madame Moitessier

    In some way my work is an attempt to deal with being a painter in the 21st Century, by directly using the great paintings of the past.

  • Mass Observation: Hyperbolic Paraboloid Roof

    Mass Observation: Hyperbolic Paraboloid Roof

    It was built in 1959 and was originally conceived as petrol station, thirty years later the original shell roof was built under and turned into a Little Chef restaurant

  • Antonia Low: White Cube Longing

    Antonia Low: White Cube Longing

    The functional reality of the church’s kitchen is transformed into a “white cube” with a single cupboard remaining

  • Craig Atkinson: Grab The Uranium

    Craig Atkinson: Grab The Uranium

    The drawings are situations or events in which the characters appear to be ‘up to something’ but the plot, motive and story is left unclear.

  • Vickie Simpson: An Automatic Machine

    Vickie Simpson: An Automatic Machine

    The crux of the project was to combine photocopies with the manual process of screen-printing.

  • David Mackintosh

    David Mackintosh

    David Mackintosh’s drawings – simple outlines and contour drawings, centrally placed on paper - employ an incredibly simple economy of line.

  • Leigh Mulley: Green/Red Pistol

    Leigh Mulley: Green/Red Pistol

    This piece is a still life from my box of souvenir and seaside shop finds. All of my work tends to reflect my love for seaside paraphernalia or traditionally British fare.

  • Emily Speed

    Emily Speed

    Emily Speed chose to venture onto the lake, in a waterborne wooden shelter, suggesting that the artist is fearless when it comes to breaking new ground.

  • The Print Project. Move Along, Nothing Twee Here.

    The Print Project. Move Along, Nothing Twee Here.

    The poster defines how we see our letterpress work; it’s a statement of intent. It was printed in two passes as we’d run out of E’s.

  • Supercollider


    Finding Supercollider in the world’s most famous seaside resort is to forget so many tired clichés and discover an unlikely oasis of critically engaged art in the shadow of the tower.

  • Richard Woods

    Richard Woods

    For a while, Richard Woods does not answer the door to his studio in East London, and I have a chance to peer through the letterbox.

  • Remembering 2011 & Looking ahead to 2012

    Remembering 2011 & Looking ahead to 2012

    Well, that was 2011 then. How was it for you? We asked some friends about the past year, and what they hope the next twelve months holds in store.

  • Joel Benjamin: Venn Deer

    Joel Benjamin: Venn Deer

    This image is the first in a short series of fully illustrated Venn diagrams, where moments of reaching across slight boundaries, to make a physical connection, are depicted.

  • Daniel Fogarty: now...now...now...

    Daniel Fogarty: now...now...now...

    I see now...now...now... as an overtly unspecific work, overly concerned with its production and aesthetic relation.

  • Deborah Ballinger: Blinding

    Deborah Ballinger: Blinding

    This piece is based on the words, and sounds, of Florence and The Machine’s song of the same title

  • Anthony Burrill: I Can See You From Here

    Anthony Burrill: I Can See You From Here

    I was approached by DR.ME about their pop up shop, showcasing editions of 7 prints by artists and designers in a pop up shop, and thought it was a really nice idea.

  • Rachel Goodyear

    Rachel Goodyear

    Rachel Goodyear's work invites the viewer to explore the divide between love and hate, fear and excitement and repulsion and yearning

  • Nick Rhodes: Tony Wilson

    Nick Rhodes: Tony Wilson

    It is that ‘to do’ attitude. If anything sums up punk then it’s him. And I think the ethos of punk also sums up Manchester.

  • David Bailey (Kiosk)

    David Bailey (Kiosk)

    Can design compete with rock and roll? For a few talented creatives, the experience of travelling the world and meeting fans of your work can come true.

  • Alan Dalby: Beetham Tower

    Alan Dalby: Beetham Tower

    Every time I leave the city, it is always the first thing to catch my eye as I return. It acts like a marker for the city, an iconic symbol for Manchester.

  • Ross Phillips: The Kings Arms

    Ross Phillips: The Kings Arms

    This is an entry to the Manchester and Salford Illustrated exhibition, which has been organised to raise money and awareness for the Wood Street Mission, a Manchester based charity.

  • DR.ME


    Not long out of university, Eddy and Ryan, otherwise known as DR.ME, have conjured up one of the most intriguingly fresh creative partnerships to be found in the north west of England.

  • Theo Simpson: 132 KV PL16 Print

    Theo Simpson: 132 KV PL16 Print

    What fascinates me with transmission towers is that are the second largest network of man made structures in the UK, except you don't really notice them.

  • Mike Holmes: Les Voix des Morte

    Mike Holmes: Les Voix des Morte

    To promote an adventurous spirit of exploration and discovery, something that would allow every man to find the areas in their own life where they can continue the spirit of honest adventure.

  • Russell Dempster: Inside Out

    Russell Dempster: Inside Out

    Andy Warbol was originally the title I gave this piece, but quickly concluded that having already produced a visual twist of a famous artist's work, a blatant pun on the artists name was a bit obvious.

  • Caitlin Totten: Untitled

    Caitlin Totten: Untitled

    Having our own show means we’re challenged to create a whole new range of work in about six weeks, enough to fill the room and create a successful exhibition.

  • Kid Acne: Séance

    Kid Acne: Séance

    This installation is the result of a series of experiments and explorations, mixing various techniques and media to help tell some kind of story.

  • Mark Titchner: Be True To Your Oblivion

    Mark Titchner: Be True To Your Oblivion

    Scale wise, a lot of my work is large and that is because it has a direct relationship to advertising, but actually, during the working process, everything big or small is kind of equivalent as I’m working on a computer screen.

  • Personal Best: Howard Wakefield

    Personal Best: Howard Wakefield

    After a disastrous result in the Danish general election, the political party Det Radikale Venstre (Social-Liberal Party) called on Studio Parris Wakefield.

  • Sean Gee: Snow Globes

    Sean Gee: Snow Globes

    This piece, along with the rest of the work I’ve produced for the exhibition is based around creating a scene or scenario which involves a certain collectable and then adding a humorous spin to it.

  • Design by House: Landmarques

    Design by House: Landmarques

    Having become interested in the stories behind some of the world's great landmarks Design by House began to explore ways of expressing their iconic nature without succumbing to the silhouette.

  • Chris McCaffrey: Fertile Minds

    Chris McCaffrey: Fertile Minds

    Embracing the power of the placard to make statements about how the education system is failing to develop children's natural ability for creativity.

  • Oliver Milner-Smith: Alphabet Poster

    Oliver Milner-Smith: Alphabet Poster

    The alphabet poster is the result of around one week of initial work, followed by eight months of occasional refining.

  • Angelo Trofa: The Louche FC

    Angelo Trofa: The Louche FC

    The idea was to work up designs which could then be implemented for various types of merchandise and artwork for forthcoming releases.

  • Andy Smith: The Lonely Goldfish

    Andy Smith: The Lonely Goldfish

    Andy Smith's summer show at Soma Gallery in Bristol includes a set of 12 new large artworks, hand screenprinted by Andy, including The Lonely Goldfish.

  • Stratum: Susie MacMurray

    Stratum: Susie MacMurray

    Stratum itself will eventually be covered in the layers of history, as the roof might start leaking again and the pigeons will inevitably leave their mark.

  • Preston is my Paris: Adam Murray & Robert Parkinson

    Preston is my Paris: Adam Murray & Robert Parkinson

    We originally set Preston is my Paris up in July 2009 as zine that we distribute for free in order to encourage the exploration of Preston as a subject for creative practice

  • The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane: David Ryan Robinson

    The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane: David Ryan Robinson

    There are two projects being shown at my final show and one is a book based on a short poem written New Jersey singers Allie Moss and Bess Roger called The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane.

  • Laura Simpson loves: gnommero

    Laura Simpson loves: gnommero

    'gnommero' is a series of beautifully crafted pamphlets of new writing. It presents artists’ and writers’ responses to Italo Calvino’s published lectures, Six Memos for the Next Millennium.

  • Queens of the Stone Age: Nick Rhodes

    Queens of the Stone Age: Nick Rhodes

    The poster has been illustrated and designed for Queens of the Stone Age’s Manchester gig for their 21st May 2011 date at Manchester Academy.

  • Personal Best: Micah Purnell

    Personal Best: Micah Purnell

    The Finger - This piece is site specific, created to sit comfortably amongst club advertising posters, intended to redeem advertising space.

  • Embrace: John Green

    Embrace: John Green

    This smart piece of furniture naturally forms two, low, modern tables that are then 'embraced' together in order to form a storage unit/magazine rack/occasional table.

  • Battle In Vain: Aaron McCammon

    Battle In Vain: Aaron McCammon

    Battle in Vain is a photographic magazine which has seven different articles based on the colours of the rainbow.

  • United in Different Guises LXI: Tim Ellis

    United in Different Guises LXI: Tim Ellis

    The painting is part of a sequence of works that share the same title ‘United in Different Guises’ and are numbered accordingly. The title refers to a proposed shared function.

  • The Larkin Trail: United Creatives

    The Larkin Trail: United Creatives

    25 type-led geocoded signs, commemorating the life and works of poet, novelist, librarian and jazz critic Philip Larkin.

  • Oliver East

    Oliver East

    Manchester-based artist Oliver East is one such artist who, through the healthy embrace of sideways thinking and seizing the moment when inspiration strikes, has managed to illuminate the seemingly ordinary.

  • Rotherham is the new Berlin: Article

    Rotherham is the new Berlin: Article

    You can get a shop for £5 a week, or take over a huge unit, or paint on whatever walls you want - Rotherham is there for the taking.

  • Ceri Hand loves: Bedwyr Williams

    Ceri Hand loves: Bedwyr Williams

    His recent live performances have become more epic and experiential, covering subject matter such as a mini bus crash with four other artists in residence.

  • Stop Making Sense: Steve Hockett

    Stop Making Sense: Steve Hockett

    Stop Making Sense is a night Steve runs with friends in Manchester. He started doing the flyers when he was studying physics.

  • Mercy


    Combining art and commercial creative excellence, Mercy is one company that has embraced Merseyside’s modern culture of creating artistic opportunity.

  • Silent Seduction: Klingatron

    Silent Seduction: Klingatron

    This painting has been created from a combination of hand cut stencils with brushwork and inks and has been submitted for this year’s Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts.

  • Long - Form - Library: Thomas Mills

    Long - Form - Library: Thomas Mills

    At 246cm tall, the library is three parabolic rings that intersect. It rocks on a curved hull. The lights are programmable.

  • Royal Wedding Sick Bag: Lydia Leith

    Royal Wedding Sick Bag: Lydia Leith

    Influenced by retro airline logos the royal wedding sick bag design is silk screen printed onto a white air line sickness bag in blue or red.

  • Richard Rigg

    Richard Rigg

    Planting two telegraph poles through the centre of an old Post Office, now Workplace Gallery, in Gateshead sounds like the work of an artist with something to prove.

  • Cornerhouse: Design by Day

    Cornerhouse: Design by Day

    'The People You’re Not’ is a Cornerhouse exhibition which takes a satirical trip through the private and public faces of fame.

  • Inspection: Amy Groves

    Inspection: Amy Groves

    This work is part of a series of studies exploring the application of touch during the process of creating.

  • That was almost fun: Alan Williams

    That was almost fun: Alan Williams

    Since January 2010, I have been creating an image every single day and posting them day by day.

  • A Collection of Marks: Thomas Dabner

    A Collection of Marks: Thomas Dabner

    The book covers are hand screen printed on high quality 2mm book board and the inside pages onto 300gsm white paper

  • Composition: Ben Atkinson

    Composition: Ben Atkinson

    Composition, Ben Atkinson. Pencil on the reverse side of Chinese graph paper.

  • Personal Best: Trevor Johnson

    Personal Best: Trevor Johnson

    The Beautiful Game - Ultimately endorsed by Pele, this graphic was created because England failed to qualify for the World Cup

  • Lazerian


    Working from their workshop in an anonymous former mill in Denton, Lazerian can be found.

  • Base: Leo Fitzmaurice

    Base: Leo Fitzmaurice

    The title is, in effect, a description of the work: the process by which is was made and the object it has become.

  • Unmissable Manchester: m-four

    Unmissable Manchester: m-four

    Unmissable Manchester, created by m-four and creatively led by Rich Edwards and Chris Jennings.

  • Steamboat Jelly: Nick Robertson

    Steamboat Jelly: Nick Robertson

    Steamboat Jelly, Nick Robertson. A2 ink drawing with Rotring pens and paint markers.

  • Boys Who Draw: Dave Bain

    Boys Who Draw: Dave Bain

    The illustration is a simple line drawing of hands making up letters, which in turn make up the phrase “Boys Who Draw”

  • Diana Stevenson loves: John Salt

    Diana Stevenson loves: John Salt

    John Salt was raised in Birmingham, a car city, and was the first artist ever to show at Ikon when it opened in 1965.

  • Carbon Trust: Ben Steers

    Carbon Trust: Ben Steers

    Carbon Trust jigsaw by Ben Steers - Jigsaw puzzle & map created for a Carbon Trust event held at Clarence House to help raise awareness about Carbon emissions.

  • Port Street Beer House: Teacake

    Port Street Beer House: Teacake

    Branding for The Port Street Beer House, Manchester by Teacake Design