Regular articles by and for artists, designers and interested passers by.

The purpose of the website is to bring contemporary art and design originated and presented in the British regions to more people.  It relies on regular submissions of work and frequent, proactive dialogue with artists, designers and other creatives.

The Aesthetic Trust website presents words and images sourced directly from the mouths, pens, brushes, cameras and computers of the people who have created the work we’re interested in.  The site hosts articles in four distinct categories: Show and Tell, Details, Loves and Personal Best. More information on each category is available on each page and more detail is available on request if needed.

All artists and designers, agencies and galleries, across all disciplines and at all levels are invited to send work, press releases, links etc. regularly and we promise to keep in touch in return. The ‘Contact Us’ page makes it easy to let us know who you are and we’ll answer any questions quickly.

The site is kept in shape by a co-ordinator. Writers who have an interest in art and design, and can research and approach practitioners in their own corner of the UK are warmly invited to submit their ideas and written work to the site.

Friendly discussion about the site content is welcomed through the comment option under each article. Comments submitted to the site are not necessarily the opinion of the site owner and any flagged up as inappropriate or offensive will be deleted and the user disabled from posting further comments.

If you have enquiries, suggestions or have something to share, please get in touch via the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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