Details gets under the skin of the people, organisations, collectives and any other group who deserve a closer look. Here you will find features that get to the heart of it, whether ‘the heart’ is to be found in a studio, an exhibition space or somewhere even harder to find. The Aesthetic Trust gets out and about and has a chat with those creating something worth talking about.

  • Juneau Projects

    Juneau Projects

    Juneau Projects are a duo that is still working out just how a shared practice should work and the products of their professional and personal journey are exhibited publically.

  • Kid Acne

    Kid Acne

    The worst thing you can do is to try and second-guess what you think other people want, when in actual fact they’re not bothered either way. It’s much healthier to polarise opinion rather than try to appease everyone I think.

  • James Clarkson

    James Clarkson

    One of the most industrious and respected young artists to be found in the country, Clarkson is open about the historic root of his practice.

  • Nicholas Dietrich Williams

    Nicholas Dietrich Williams

    Williams can sound romantic when he talks about his work. Painting, for him, is the grand love affair.

  • OWT


    Having created a universally loved ‘zine and embarking on numerous exciting projects as a design collective, OWT Creative consider how failure might be a better option.

  • David Mackintosh

    David Mackintosh

    David Mackintosh’s drawings – simple outlines and contour drawings, centrally placed on paper - employ an incredibly simple economy of line.