Details gets under the skin of the people, organisations, collectives and any other group who deserve a closer look. Here you will find features that get to the heart of it, whether ‘the heart’ is to be found in a studio, an exhibition space or somewhere even harder to find. The Aesthetic Trust gets out and about and has a chat with those creating something worth talking about.

  • Emily Speed

    Emily Speed

    Emily Speed chose to venture onto the lake, in a waterborne wooden shelter, suggesting that the artist is fearless when it comes to breaking new ground.

  • Supercollider


    Finding Supercollider in the world’s most famous seaside resort is to forget so many tired clichés and discover an unlikely oasis of critically engaged art in the shadow of the tower.

  • Richard Woods

    Richard Woods

    For a while, Richard Woods does not answer the door to his studio in East London, and I have a chance to peer through the letterbox.

  • Remembering 2011 & Looking ahead to 2012

    Remembering 2011 & Looking ahead to 2012

    Well, that was 2011 then. How was it for you? We asked some friends about the past year, and what they hope the next twelve months holds in store.

  • Rachel Goodyear

    Rachel Goodyear

    Rachel Goodyear's work invites the viewer to explore the divide between love and hate, fear and excitement and repulsion and yearning

  • David Bailey (Kiosk)

    David Bailey (Kiosk)

    Can design compete with rock and roll? For a few talented creatives, the experience of travelling the world and meeting fans of your work can come true.