People who live and love the art and design of the wider United Kingdom tell us what makes their heart race and why. A tribute to peers, heroes and the pieces of work that make their world go round. Whether to freely discuss a long held desire or to reveal a guilty pleasure, ‘Loves’ is where admiration and influence is laid bare.

  • Laura Simpson loves: gnommero

    Laura Simpson loves: gnommero

    'gnommero' is a series of beautifully crafted pamphlets of new writing. It presents artists’ and writers’ responses to Italo Calvino’s published lectures, Six Memos for the Next Millennium.

  • Ceri Hand loves: Bedwyr Williams

    Ceri Hand loves: Bedwyr Williams

    His recent live performances have become more epic and experiential, covering subject matter such as a mini bus crash with four other artists in residence.

  • Diana Stevenson loves: John Salt

    Diana Stevenson loves: John Salt

    John Salt was raised in Birmingham, a car city, and was the first artist ever to show at Ikon when it opened in 1965.