Personal Best

Artists and designers who are at the peak of their game discuss a piece of work that sticks in the memory for all the right reasons. Offering a view of what can make art and design stand out from the perspective of those who make it happen, ‘Personal Best’ provides the inside track on the career highs of leaders in contemporary art and design.

  • Personal Best: Matthew Hague

    Personal Best: Matthew Hague

    What better way to sum up a journey, and the pride in what you are doing when there, than a postcard?

  • Personal Best: Howard Wakefield

    Personal Best: Howard Wakefield

    After a disastrous result in the Danish general election, the political party Det Radikale Venstre (Social-Liberal Party) called on Studio Parris Wakefield.

  • Personal Best: Micah Purnell

    Personal Best: Micah Purnell

    The Finger - This piece is site specific, created to sit comfortably amongst club advertising posters, intended to redeem advertising space.

  • Personal Best: Trevor Johnson

    Personal Best: Trevor Johnson

    The Beautiful Game - Ultimately endorsed by Pele, this graphic was created because England failed to qualify for the World Cup