Show and Tell

New work presented in short bursts, described in brief by the people who produced it. Take a look at the latest work of a range of artists and designers and read first hand accounts from them about the processes, the results and the reaction.

  • littlewhitehead: Throbbing Gristle

    littlewhitehead: Throbbing Gristle

    Throbbing Gristle is a toy Chihuahua, bought in a thrift shop in LA, attached to the wall by its head. We knew immediately we had to buy it.

  • Kevin Hunt: A Useful Force

    Kevin Hunt: A Useful Force

    The guy in the charity shop gave me the necklace for free. However, the 21 individual shapes that the necklace comprises of are really perfectly made. They have a certain sophistication.

  • Liz West: The Trolley Series

    Liz West: The Trolley Series

    I had to ask permission from the supermarket where I made the work, explaining I was an artist seemed to give me license to do what I wanted in the name of art.

  • Nicki McCubbing: Whatever happened to Bubbles?

    Nicki McCubbing: Whatever happened to Bubbles?

    Bubbles is another symbol of the American dream gone wrong: an animal in the 80s dressed up and turned into something it could never be forever, a bit like Michael Jackson himself.

  • Andrew Maughan: Untitled Painting

    Andrew Maughan: Untitled Painting

    I like it when my paintings look like they could fall apart at any moment and there’s a tension in this one, it’s not quite balanced.

  • Yelena Popova: Untitled

    Yelena Popova: Untitled

    Among other things I’m interested in the digital, in the immateriality of screen-based images or those small, soft touch-screen gestures for example.