Alex Pearl: Sovereign and Highlander

Show: Sovereign and Highlander. Alex Pearl

Tell: “This is called Sovereign and Highlander as they’re the names of the two caravans in the picture. It’s one of a series of drawings I am making using my mobile phone. They are tracings of things destroyed by natural disaster taken from newspapers and the internet. This one is from a photograph of a caravan park hit by a tornado.

“I am interested in tracing because it piggy backs someone else’s experience. Often people describe it as cheating. Working on my phone, the tracing often appears disjointed and incomplete. I am currently interested in all forms of breakdown. I am reading a lot of post-apocalyptic science fiction and living in a house which is slowly falling apart.”

Info: Alex Pearl is an artist based in Ipswich, UK. He makes things and then videos them before they fall apart. His work deals with chance and the things in life he doesn’t do very well.

Sovereign and Highlander is part of an online postcard auction of original artworks by artists from across the UK to fundraise for The University of Lincoln’s fine art degree show.

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