Andrew Bracey: Madame Moitessier

Show: Madame Moitessier. Andrew Bracey.

Tell: “This piece is impasto painting with acrylic paint on top a postcard from the National Gallery by Ingres. The paint I applied completely covers the figure of the Ingres print of the painting, in effect taking away the subject of the original and adding something new and ambiguous.

“I made the work whilst on a residency at Standpoint Gallery in London, where I made work in response to the National Gallery, which I visited on many occasions. I have been making work for the last two years that deal with figurative painting from before the 20th Century. I am adding an abstract, painted twin or parasite to prints of paintings, in order to make us re-examine the originals and see them in new ways.

“It may seem like a little thing, but to me as an artist in the studio the slightly gestural nature of the piece was a real break through as normally the other works in this series have had a geometric, triangular system to them, this new approach to the covering up of the figure, first seen in this piece has paved the way to a whole new body of work I am creating in the studio at the moment.

“The National Gallery is such an inspiring place for any artist, particularly painters, but also a little daunting; there is a no way a contemporary painter can compete with the painters inside – Velasquez, Titian, Turner, Veronese and so on – and this baggage of greatness that surround painting can be Sisyphus’ rock to painters. In some way my work is an attempt to deal with being a painter in the 21st Century, by directly using the great paintings of the past.”

Info: Based in Manchester, UK, Andrew Bracey’s practice hovers on the fringes of painting as it crosses over and expands into installation, sculpture, drawing and animation.

Madame Moitessier is part of an online postcard auction of original artworks by artists from across the UK to fundraise for The University of Lincoln’s fine art degree show.

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