Angelo Trofa: The Louche FC

Show: The Louche FC posters. Angelo Trofa.

Tell: “The Louche FC is a Manchester based band I know personally through the guitarist and the lead singer, who is from my home town. They’re signed to a label called Sways, who take their name roughly from their location near Strangeways Prison, and I was asked by them to create some poster artwork for the band. The idea was to work up designs which could then be implemented for various types of merchandise and artwork for forthcoming releases.

“The inspiration for each piece comes directly from the bands lyrics, which means that the content and style of each poster is different. I wanted each piece to be distinct from each other; it’s one way to make sure that you can’t get bored. It helps that the band have similar tastes to me, and the label really liked the initial pieces of work that I did. Referencing the ‘FC’ element of the name, and having worked on football related projects in the past, I started off doing some spoof Panini stickers for each member of the band, which went down well.

“The band is heavily influenced by 1950s culture, and as an avid fan of comic books like Batman and the Italian series Diabolik, we’re working on the same creative wavelength. The songs themselves have often have dark and graphic content, yet are presented in an upbeat and very ‘shoegazey’ style. The result is a mash up of both very vibrant and very dark designs, reflecting what I found in the band’s music.

“The pop art Motorcycle Au Pair Boy piece is a direct result of our shared interests in comic books and icons like James Dean and Elvis Presley and the fact that the song I designed it for is quite upbeat and poppy. I enjoy working in that cartoon style, but I also like illustrating some of the band’s more sombre songs, drawing by hand and using only black and white. I try and keep all of my work as simple as I can, because you can end up dragging out the process for too long. I tend to draw the pieces on paper first and then only use Photoshop for colour. I want to keep the influence of computers to a limit.

“Both of the designs are being produced as posters and will be sold by the band on their website, and the pop art piece will be the cover for their next EP. I’m really happy with the results as the band like the work and I have been able to satisfy my own personal creative interests. Hopefully as the band grow in popularity it will lead to other things. I’ve seen plenty of people walking home with the posters after the band’s gigs in the past, so other people appear to like them too.”

Info: Angelo Trofa studied illustration at the University of Salford, graduating in 2011. He loves to design football kits and his dream job would be to do so permanently. He is currently based in Milton Keynes.

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