Base: Leo Fitzmaurice

Show: Base: baseball (ball removed), Leo Fitzmaurice.

Tell: “The title is, in effect, a description of the work: the process by which is was made and the object it has become. For my favourite works, it is hard to trace an inspiration. It usually seems to centre on an observation, coupled with a particularly receptive state of mind, openness to a situation, but also some feeling of potential.

“I have built up a collection of similar works over the years. Initially I called them ‘one liners’, a thought process or observation, which reaches completion in a moment. Much like a joke. It can either be captured as a photograph when it occurs spontaneously, or manifest itself as an object such as this.

“But, now, together, these works have become something else. A reflection of my freewheeling thoughts, maybe? Frustratingly, the challenge in this work is the process of waiting. I often wait for months for something like this to come along and that’s why I treasure them.

“This piece is as it looks, a baseball unstitched and it’s centre removed. The edges have then been restitched. I am happy with it being displayed on the floor, but it’s fairly self sufficient as a piece of work, holding it’s own in a gallery or anywhere else.”

Info: Leo Fitzmaurice was born in Shropshire in 1963 and studied in Liverpool and Manchester. Leo Fitzmaurice’s work is currently focussed on the physical manifestations of information within our everyday environment. He reworks advertising, signage, packaging and print to reveal other, often surprising, aspects of this material so ubiqitous we often take it for granted.

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