Boys Who Draw: Dave Bain

Show: Boys Who Draw – Hands Typography, Dave Bain

Tell: “The illustration is a simple line drawing of hands making up letters, which in turn make up the phrase “Boys Who Draw”. Boys Who Draw is a collective of illustrators and designers, which is still in the reasonably early stages of development.  Each of the members was asked to contribute a typographical interpretation of the collective’s name.

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing hands and feet.  But had not applied it to typography before.  I started out by taking photos of my hands making up the letters and then composed the image in Photoshop.  I then printed out the modified photograph and used that as a point of reference along with my own hands.

“I’ve been interested in sign language too and how some of the shapes formed within that mode of communication mirror letter shapes. The main task was for the phrase to be easily read yet remain visually interesting.

“I’m glad I kept it simple and didn’t opt for shading or colour.  I enjoy the flow of lines across the piece. I love typography anyway and try and bring hand-rendered type into much of my work. It was good fun trying something new and certainly something I’ll revisit in the future.”

Info: Dave Bain graduated from Falmouth College of Arts with a BA degree in Illustration. He works in a number of ways, from a naive painting style to mixed media techniques, with digital software. His work is highly commended by the Macmillan Children’s Prize and also appears in various illustration annuals, zines, and the book, ‘Illustration – A Theoretical & Contextual Perspective’ written by Alan Male (AVA Academia – 2007)

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