Carbon Trust: Ben Steers

Show: Carbon Trust jigsaw by Ben Steers – Jigsaw puzzle & map created for a Carbon Trust event held at Clarence House to help raise awareness about Carbon emissions.

Tell: “I came into contact with the Carbon Trust through my association with Scriberia, a group of illustrators who specialise in visual mind mapping for corporate conferences. Initially the brief came through them and was to create a jigsaw puzzle, a map and a set of posters to be delivered within a week, which caused me some sleepless nights as I worked out how it could be done. Thankfully the deadline was eventually extended to a fortnight, but it was still tight and ended up taking up all of my spare time.

“I’d never done a jigsaw before so it was something that really appealed to me. Not only did I have to work out the design, but also design the template for where the jigsaw would break and fit together. The final design had to work as a complete piece, but also as it’s six individual parts that would make sense if you saw them on their own. The Trust had a clear idea of what they wanted and already had a theme, which was this character of the Yeti. They were really pleased with the results, seeing evidence of their mascot in subtle hints like the ‘Yeti Fish Flakes’ on the shelf.

“In everything I do, I try to inject some kind of humour and don’t take myself or my work too seriously. I try to take enjoyment from every project and I think that comes through in my work. This piece is intended for both adults and children and I think it benefits from this approach.”

Info: Ben Steers is an illustrator and designer working from Bristol. Over the past year he has completed work for companies such as The Tate Modern, The Sunday Times, The Carbon Trust, NHS, Computer Arts Projects, Spunky Clothing Label and a whole host of others.

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