Cathy Lomax: White 12 (L’Atalante)

Show: White 12 (L’Atalante). Cathy Lomax.

Tell: White 12 (L’Atalante) is from an ongoing series of work the full title of which is ‘We wear white, we are beautiful’. It is acrylic on card.

“The series features girls in white – the ultimate symbols of innocence, the ever presents of rights of passage ritual from maypole dancing to debutante balls to dark arts’ sacrifice. White 12 (L’Atalante) is inspired by the character Juliette in Jean Vigo’s film L’Atalante. She is on her husband’s barge but still in her wedding dress. The film is interesting in that it was Vigo’s only full-length feature; he died of TB as soon as it was completed. This makes it tinged with a dark gothic eroticism – something that I was trying to capture in the painting.

“It is interesting painting on a black ground – using white paint makes it almost like working in chalk on a blackboard and the minimal nature of it means that there are no extraneous background details – just a ghostly figure and nothingness.”

Info: Cathy Lomax’s work is rooted in the romance of popular culture, assimilating media fictions and mythologies of fame and juxtaposing them with personal identities, secrets and the everyday, to create a seductive visual narrative.

White 12 (L’Atalante) is part of an online postcard auction of original artworks by artists from across the UK to fundraise for The University of Lincoln’s fine art degree show.

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