Chris McCaffrey: Fertile Minds

Show: Fertile Minds. Chris McCaffrey.

Tell: Fertile Minds was produced as part of my BA (Hons) Graphic Design Degree after being asked to use inspiration from my dissertation fuel a creative project. A particular quote from the journalist Julie Lasky resonated with me. It referred to the clash between traditional practice and production against more modern digital methods in design.

“She commented that “You don’t need to get your hands dirty to be a craftsperson; instead you need to get your mind dirty.” This inspired Fertile Minds and a project based on my view that education should allow children to get dirty with creative ideas rather than subjecting them to sterile and linear methods of learning.

“During the conception of this project I looked at how the campaign could filter into traditional media like poster, billboards and press advertising. I feel that campaigns work best when the public can discuss and have a conversation by adding their own perspective, so looking at new media like smart phone applications was another interest. Placards have always been a popular way to communicate opposition to a situation, even more so now due to the funding cuts by the new coalition government.

“The main challenges I faced were the constant reflection on the layout and typography on each individual placard. I spoke to other designers to see how I could further develop the message. In total I created 37 placards so it became more important that the design allowed the dialogue between each placard to flow and not get lost.

“They are designed to have immediate impact and make people think about their preconceptions towards the issue. I felt by adding a graphic and typographic element to the design I could make each placard have its own individual performance that would make the viewer want to see the others.

“I have gained so much enthusiasm and passion for this project. I would like to push it on further if possible, because the quality of creative thinking from our younger generations will be very important in how the UK and the World develops in the future. I have had a number of positive responses from adults who feel the education system failed them because they were taught to try to remember facts rather than being encouraged to explore their creative flair and experiment.

“The resulting campaign has successfully embraced the power of the placard to make both individual and combined statements about how the education system is failing children to develop their natural ability for creativity.”

Info: Chris McCaffrey studied in his native Northern Ireland before making the move to Blackpool and Fylde College to complete his BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. He currently lives and works in Preston.

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