Cornerhouse: Design by Day

Show: The People You’re Not, Design by Day.

Tell: ‘The People You’re Not’ is a Cornerhouse exhibition which takes a satirical trip through the private and public faces of fame; from the first heady days of idolisation and adoring fans, via rock and roll alter-egos, excess and media mockery to dysfunction, introversion and the darker side of the celebrity soul.

“Our job was to create an identity that captured the essence of the exhibition and carry this across printed and digital marketing materials to generate excitement and intrigue, and ultimately footfall to the exhibition. The exhibition itself and the title of the show provided a wealth of inspiration through the artist’s exploration of fame. The branding captures the darker side of fame through a typographic freak-show brought to life through an eerie yet amusing short animation.

“We started off by looking at old theatre posters and typography, side-shows and vintage theatre paraphernalia. The eventual solution was to turn present ‘The People You’re Not’ as a sinister mix of fame caricatures and freakish body parts, a comment not just on celebrity, but on the whole carousel journey of fame. We’ve worked with Cornerhouse on a number of different exhibition campaigns. The process of reaching the solution for ‘The People You’re Not’ took a slightly different approach than usual, involving all the artists, curator and Cornerhouse team, a fully collaborative effort with direction and input from all involved.

“One of the challenges in exhibition branding is coming up with a concept that reflects the content and tone of the show, whilst at the same time being loose enough to be all-encompassing and not focus specifically on the theme of a specific artwork. One of the great things about producing branding and marketing materials for Cornerhouse exhibitions is they often require and draw upon all our talents; concept generation, branding, print, web and motion graphics – producing full campaigns is something we both really enjoy!”

Words: Angela Roche

Info: Design by Day is a Manchester based design studio, formed by Angela Roche and Louise Gardner. Their clients range from the small and independent to the large and more established, across a variety of sectors including, property and legal, the creative and music industries, through to health, leisure and education.

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