Design by House: Landmarques

Show: Landmarques, print series. Design by House.

Tell: “Having become interested in the stories behind some of the world’s great landmarks we began to explore ways of expressing their iconic nature without succumbing to the silhouette. The results of this process lead to the Landmarque print series; using layers of shapes and colour to recreate the familiar forms and evoke a sense of location.

“The project really started with an aerial sequence of The Statue of Liberty on some late night TV. The lines in Liberty’s peplos (the classical Greek women’s dress draped around the figure) and the strength of the statue’s form jumped off the screen and something so familiar suddenly looked new. Researching the story behind Lady Liberty fuelled the idea to try and represent the iconic form in a way that didn’t just succumb to the silhouette.

“The style developed as we worked on the series. There isn’t a strict set of rules that govern the designs but there is certainly a formula we’ve developed that works across all nine. Using a range of pale to deep colours gave us the ability to define certain details and hint at areas of light or shadow and give the designs movement and depth.

“The Tower Of Pisa took a lot of tweaking. The form itself isn’t as distinct as the others when stripped down and we needed to tease out small detail where possible to give it the same feel as the other designs. Of course the ‘lean’ really helped but we didn’t want to just rely on that. We are really pleased with it now and when the prints arrived at our studio, in some ways, it was the one that gave us the most satisfaction.

“Looking back on the series, we noticed we focused heavily on the particular usage of colour to assist a sense of place that is woven into the story of any landmark. We wanted people not only to see the landmark but also see the location.

“The vibrant oranges and yellows used in Christ the Redeemer try to evoke the colours of Carnival and Rio. The blues in The London Eye and The Sydney Opera House place the viewer beside water. The bright pinks in the Taj Mahal remind us of the rich colouration of Indian saris and spices.

“Alongside work for our client roster, we’re working on a new set of designs in a similar style as the Landmarques series entitled Legends.”

Words: Conor Dardis.

Info: Design By House is a creative studio based in Preston, Lancashire, UK. The print series is available to buy online via Design Supremo and Scarlet and Jones.

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