Drop Collective: Womb

Show: Womb. Drop Collective.

Tell: “Inspiration stems from each of our own experiences and our practices when working together as a collective. For this piece the idea began about two years ago when I began a fascination with London based cultural companies Punchdrunk, Art Angel’s experiential style workings and a company in Berlin called Karmanoia.

Womb is a mixture of both fiction and non-fiction. After my own experiences of warehouse living and taking trips to a few squats and raves in London where the run-down, almost ruinous spaces, (such as these real places), open up to dark stories. The main aim within the piece is to only suggest a narrative, which is where the surroundings (set and sensory bombardment through smell and sound) play a bigger part than perhaps at first, consciously noticed. The womb position is highly linked to the emotional attachment and comfort a mother once gave you, seeking comfort in memory.

”One of the most fun stages in making the work is the final set dressing; throwing dirt at the walls, tea and coffee staining, emptying hoovers, coming up with genius ways of creating the best horrid smells and running through the narrative in real time as a group to make sure the set is most believable. The tricky part is always, for me at least, seeing the confidence through as the first ‘audience’ members view the work. You can never be quite sure how it will be received, but in the end this is the same with anything, some will love, some will hate and you just have to get on with it!

”The plan from here is to develop and grow the collective, with more experimentation. The connection between theatre and art and installation is really bubbling under the surface and, as the public get increasingly excited about this style of work, now is the greatest time to explore within this realm!”

Words: Anna-Louise Hale

Info: Drop Collective, including artists Anna-Louise Hale, Blair Zaye and Alison Thomson, is intent on making large scale immersive installations. Womb appeared as part of the Inside exhibition at Blankspace, Manchester during April 2012.


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