Ian Stevenson: Call 911

Show: Call 911. Ian Stevenson.

Tell: “All of the work in this collection is meant to fit together and represents where my thoughts are at the moment. I wanted to push things in new directions and also use different mediums, but each piece had to work alone and within an exhibition.

“The inspiration for this body of work, including Call 911, came from just looking at the current state of the world and feeling I had a few opinions to express. Most products are now manufactured in China and now our economy relies on consumerism and the service industries. I am a product of myself Britain so Made in Broken Britain it seemed like the ideal title for the show.

“I’ve always liked developing into new areas and the manipulation of photographs seemed like an obvious route to take. I often look at photos and think something could be added to create a new scene. So now I reveal what I think was missing in the first place. I use all different types of media, depending on which works best for the piece. As well as the manipulated images I work with canvas, drawings and 3D sculptures.

“A new idea was manipulating bought 3D objects to create new meaning. There’s a police car toy with wheels stolen to show that Britain’s problems go all the way down to the next generation. A cow painted as a McDonald’s mascot and it doesn’t look too pleased with what’s happening. And there’s a power Ranger using a Zimmer frame as I imagine the heroes I grew up with are old and can’t help us anymore.

“My work generally gets a reaction one way or the other, which is great and people connect to it. I always try to connect with the viewer honestly and not to patronise them. I was shocked at what I was seeing when the planes crashed into the World Trade Centre, but I can also understand how there’s always two sides to every story.”

Info: Ian Stevenson’s exhibition, Made in Broken Britain, is showing at The Outsiders, Newcastle-upon-Tyne until Saturday 7th of July 2012.


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