Inspection: Amy Groves

Show: Inspection, Amy Groves. Mono print on news print paper.

Tell: “This work is part of a series of studies exploring the application of touch during the process of creating as well as the sensual aesthetic of the female form. The project itself concerned the strange relationship we have with our ‘inner selves’, offering a physical, sexual reality for the psychological metaphor of getting inside ourselves/ getting to know ourselves deep down.

“The process itself, mono printing, offered a very personal way of working. In many of the images you can see my fingerprints and where my palm has lent, though this plays to the imagination and personality of the work. The unpredictability of the mono printing is an advantage because it makes it exciting when uncovering the marks and mistakes but also frustrating.

“I enjoy working in such a manner, so it is an experiment for me. I find myself more of an explorer than an artist, an alchemist than a painter, mono printing has given me a taste of how elegant and provocative a line can be, how even a simple mark can suggest something so erotic and sensual.

“I hope to continue to find ways to create work that is exciting not only to look at but to create. What is art with out excitement, intrigue and most of all, exploration?”

Info: Amy Groves is a second year, visual arts student from the School of Art & Design, University of Salford. She is an explorer of art and its practises with a particular interest in the erotic nature of humanity.

Her work will be part of the Re-configurations show, alongside seven other emerging artists, taking place at the Lowry Outlet Mall Gallery, Salford Quays between the 7th and 22nd March

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