Liz West: The Trolley Series

Show: The Trolley Series. Liz West.

Tell:The Trolley Series as a collective group of six images – Red Trolley, Yellow Trolley, Blue Trolley, Green Trolley, Orange Trolley and Purple Trolley.

“In this work the subject matter of shopping and consumerism is a framework in which to act out abstract concepts of aesthesia and control with a collection of coloured objects. Being located in a trolley, this canvas inevitably references consumer society and disposable culture.

“As part of my colour research I build collections using invented systems, often relating to a certain colour. In the Trolley Series of photographs I have experimented with building collections of block colour in the supermarket, a place where colour is in abundance, in order to understand how colour may look in mass.

“I had to ask permission from the supermarket where I made the work, explaining I was an artist seemed to give me license to do what I wanted in the name of art. I went several times to different locations to make the entire series of photographs and performances. What struck me was the differing attitudes of the public and shop managers when making the work, depending on what part of the country I was in; the North West, South Yorkshire and Glasgow. The main challenge I had was putting every item back on the shelf after making my collection and documenting it.

“My trolley photographs were an end point to my Fine Art degree and a starting point to my artistic career. They have been shown widely and brought many further opportunities to me. The entire series took from 2007-2011 to complete. After making the primary colour series I was keen to go back and make a set containing the secondary colours, it was only then that I felt the work was finished.”

Info: Liz West, who lives and works in Manchester, makes intensely coloured installation, video and photographic works from arrangements of found materials and consumer goods.

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