Nicholas Saunders: Swamp Thang

Show: Swamp Thang. Nicholas Saunders.

Tell: “The image captures a pinnacle moment where any number of scenarios could occur. I like to keep my work quite ambiguous I like the viewer to be able to interpret how the story could unfold.

“I think the starting point came with the drawing of the monster Swamp Thang and I then built and wrote the narrative around this. I rarely set an illustration in stone because I like to let it grow and change as I pursue it. I think any number of things can change the development of my work from my mood, who I have spoken to, even what the weather’s like and what music I’m listening to. All of these things have an impact on me.

“I created the image in Photoshop by compiling scans into layers and slowly building up my image layer by layer. I think Photoshop is great for this as you can really conceive a great print and get a real idea of how it could look and work before it is printed.

“Printing the image was a challenge. It is a nine layer screen print all hand pulled, done over a three week period. I made a big mistake in getting the last two layers developed at a later stage. This made the last two top layers slightly smaller – a mistake made by the printers who made the negatives to develop the screens.

“I didn’t notice until I printed the last black layer but they were slightly mis-registered, so I had to drop my edition from 50 to 25 as a lot of them were ruined. I suppose this is why I love the print process. It’s a really trying medium to work with but these mistakes are what makes work that bit more special for me.

“I think I will address the print’s imperfections by doing a second run in another colour, making sure that it is perfectly printed with all the layers being the right size.”

Info: Nicholas Saunders is an artist, screenprinter and illustrator from Manchester, UK. Swamp Thang is exhibited in the A Shop Called 7 exhibition at North Tea Power, Manchester and available to buy in person or from the online shop.

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