Nick Rhodes: Tony Wilson

Show: Tony Wilson. Nick Rhodes.

Tell: “I fell into MASI through Facebook. I rarely use it, but I found out about it on there and really liked the idea that it was a Manchester and Salford thing, but also that it was for a really good cause.

“I saw Tony Wilson for the first time when I was at Uni. I used to hate the guy to be honest, but one day I saw his Jag pull up and thought ‘that’s Tony Wilson’. I watched him park up and he went into his boot and pulled out this massive box of CDs. He was giving them away or something, but he was struggling by himself with this massive box. From that time I realised he was a man that did stuff himself. He did it instead of getting someone else to carry it for him.

“It is that ‘to do’ attitude. If anything sums up punk then it’s him. And I think the ethos of punk also sums up Manchester. It goes back to Victorian times, even earlier, that if you don’t know how to do something then you learnt how to do it and then do it better. That’s what he did, always tried to do something better.

“It’s not super clear on the image, but around where his heart would be, is the Hacienda. I cut up an old A to Z, overlaid the pieces and created a collage. I couldn’t find a definitive, up-to-date map of Manchester without cutting up an A to Z. I suppose photocopying that and cutting it up continues the punk theme.

“The design has been used before, when I ran a poster show at Urbis. We were trying to get a Flatstock type of vibe during the In The City music convention. It was actually when I was writing the brief for that when I found out that he had died. People used the word ‘Mr Manchester’ a lot around that time, and this image just came to me straight away. I did a little thumbnail sketch there and then, trying to make a positive out of a negative.

“He became the poster for that show really. I sold it on the day, and online, in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care. I wanted them to profit from the idea, and it’s brilliant that I am able to use it again for another good cause.”

Info: Nick Rhodes established Switchopen in Manchester in 2004. He works in design, illustration and print, combining an interest in printmaking and music. He has produced work for other national and international music artists such as Fleet Foxes and The National.

Between 27th October – 10th November 2011, the very first Manchester and Salford Illustrated exhibition (#MASI) will be held at 52 Princess Street, Manchester. It will be a showcase of the very best commercial artists and illustrators in the area and has been created to raise funds and awareness for Manchester based charity, Wood Street Mission. Strictly limited edition prints and a range of other merchandise will be available for sale, both in person and online.

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