Nous Vous: Sculpture Garden.

Show: Sculpture Garden, 3 colour Risograph print. Nous Vous.

Tell: “Sculpture is something I have recently developed affection for. Yorkshire, where I live, has a rich heritage in the discipline, with dedicated institutions such as Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Henry Moore Institute & more recently The Hepworth. All three exhibit some of the best sculpture in the world, both contemporary and classical.

“For me it’s the timeless quality inherent in sculpture that intrigues me, as well as the physicality of an object, how you reflect upon and experience it. In Sculpture Garden I have singled out a few works I admire by David Nash, Henry Moore & Barbara Hepworth to look at how I could interpret the formal quality of these as an image and bring something to them of my own.

“This is an image I’ve been trying to compose for a while, using line-work concentrating on form and shape. I have tried several different compositions with elements in different positions and this version is getting near to an outcome I’m happy with, but not quite. The actual process of making it was fairly difficult; I wanted to use Risograph printing as it’s a simple way of creating a multiple, although I wanted to reflect the craft involved in creating sculpture, by creating all the layers by hand using tracing paper, avoiding using the computer altogether.

“The Riso’ printing process is similar to screen-printing in that you print separate layers of colour, one on-top of another building an image gradually, one colour at a time. Conventionally, people will arrange these layers on a computer to insure that the separate layers line-up correctly. The nature of the production method means images look more effective when using blocks of colour, rather than line-work, especially when separating colour. Responding to this, I chose to use block colour to represent some areas rather than the line-work I was initially using to create the image.

“I’m always looking to adapt ideas to suit my personal visual language, which is sometimes limiting. Exploring different manufacturing processes can occasionally lend new ways of looking at things, born out of developing an understanding of the method you’re using. It can open doors and provide insight into future ways of approaching image making and how this relates to what you’re trying to say with aesthetics.

“I’m enamoured with the idea of fostering a craft and developing my discipline through rigorous practice in one line of enquiry i.e. drawing. Sometimes it’s beneficial to explore and see how your way of working can adapt and fit with other processes too, whether the outcome is what you want/expect or not – at least you’re more informed than you were.”

Words: Jay Cover

Info: Nous Vous is Jay Cover, William Edmonds and Nicolas Burrows, a collective working on design projects and educational programmes. Sculpture Garden is exhibited in the A Shop Called 7 exhibition at North Tea Power, Manchester and available to buy in person or from the online shop.

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