Port Street Beer House: Teacake

Show: Branding for The Port Street Beer House, Manchester by Teacake Design.

Tell: “The Port Street Beer House project came about through our longstanding relationship with Common Bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This was primarily our favourite place to drink but what made it that little more special was the dedication the bar had to the creative community that frequented it. We can still recall sitting in the bar as students thinking one day it would be great to do a bit of work for these guys. Eventually this became a reality as we began to design promotional material for their regular Friday night event Freitags. We also design and promote a bi-monthly fanzine called Pull Yourself Together which has become another big success in the Common story.

“Having vested this time, which it has to be said wasn’t always paid, we were thrilled to be asked to take on the much bigger project of branding their exciting new venture Port Street Beer House. We tackled the brief head on. For us it was and still is a dream brief. We both like good quality beer and more importantly the aesthetic and ethos the client wanted was a perfect fit for our style of design, which finds its foundations in a traditional typographic style.

“Port Street Beer House were very clear about what they were looking for and we supplied a range of mood boards that explored how we could create a logo that would suit. The process was swift but effective and in the end we were very pleased with the results. The rope was inspired by a range of old beer mats we had found with the crest working as a stand alone mark that we though resembled a beer barrel. The client wanted a design that would be able to be applied to other ventures should Port Street Beer House prove to be a success and this is why we opted for the initials as opposed to our original tankard design that is now proudly on show as part of their first exhibition.

“I think we would both agree that the highlight of all of this has been drinking a lovely pint, in a great setting, from a glass with our handy work on. It’s been a complete privilege throughout and we look forward to developing what is already a huge success with Johnny and Charlotte at Port Street Beer House.”

Words: Rob Walmsley, Partner.

Info: Teacake started while Rob Walmsley and Graham Sykes were both studying at Manchester School of Art. The name Teacake came from an argument about what a Teacake actually is – Graham believed it to contain sultanas but where Rob is from it is simply a plain bread roll.

Their passion for typography was fuelled by time spent studying and working in a traditional typographic studio in Amsterdam with our dear friend and mentor Ewald Spieker. They have always believed in getting away from the computer and taking inspiration from their locality and interests beyond the confines of design.


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