Preston is my Paris: Adam Murray & Robert Parkinson

Show: Preston is my Paris. Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson.

Tell: “We originally set Preston is my Paris up in July 2009 as zine that we distribute for free in order to encourage the exploration of Preston as a subject for creative practice.  Since then the project has developed into an independent photographic publishing house. Issue 15 of the original Preston is my Paris zine will be the last publication of this specific series.

“Both Robert and I have lived in Preston for a number of years and felt that there were very few creative projects or events taking place in a city, considering that it has quite a large body of students on art based courses.  So, we wanted to produce the zine and put on nights in a pub in Preston to try to encourage more people to start doing things.

“To begin with it was quite difficult to get the work seen by an audience being based in Preston, but through setting up blogs and putting on events, people seemed to become aware of the work that we are doing quickly.  Now that the whole project has expanded, quite the main issue has become funding the work because we want to make sure that each publication is sold for a very affordable price.

“I think that the joy of producing and funding the work ourselves has also meant that we have complete freedom over the publications. That is definitely one of the benefits of self-publishing!  Putting on different events and nights has also helped to keep the project from just being visual. Robert also DJs at places like Soup Kitchen and Gas Lamp so that adds another interesting dimension to the project.

“Now that we have finished the Preston is my Paris zine series we are working on developing new series as well as other individual publications.”

Info: A launch event for the final Preston is my Paris zine takes place on Thursday 16th June at The Castle Hotel, Oldham Street, Manchester.

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