Queens of the Stone Age: Nick Rhodes

Show: Official Queens of the Stone Age Manchester gig poster. Nick Rhodes.

Tell: “The poster has been illustrated and designed for Queens of the Stone Age’s Manchester gig for their 21st May 2011 date at Manchester Academy. The show celebrated their first album and they would be playing every song from it, in order. It’s quite a novel thing for a band to do, so I wanted to create an illustration that would celebrate that fact.

“The skeleton aspect was inspired by one of the most overwhelming films that I still love to this day: Jason and the Argonauts. I was transfixed as a kid to the skeleton scene where seeds are sewn and skeletons rise from the ground and start attacking Jason. It was jaw dropping at the time and it’s unbelievable to think that was cutting edge stop motion special effects compared to animation now.

“The poster has many references within it, mainly from the band’s songs, but also includes things like the amount of albums the band has recorded. I won’t divulge them all, but there are plenty in there for a fan of the band to work out. The design started with an original photo of the aircraft, when it only had one person in the picture. I then introduced the characters, which I have put in different posters in the past and this is the third time they’ve been used.

“That’s kind of inspired by Jermaine Rogers (Brooklyn based poster artist), who has something called ‘Dero’ and a lot of his work is about that. They’re like a strange cult of bears who live under the ground. There’s a whole story behind them and he puts them into posters now and again with no reference to the band, but it’s a kind of signature he uses I suppose.

“On a project like this the band gets a batch to sell and I sell some on my site. This is the one I’ve had most feedback on, with fans either saying its spot on or they don’t get it. I ran a competition for fans to look for all the references in the poster and that really took off, so I might do something similar again.

“Ultimately I’m a fan of the band, and I never do posters for bands I don’t like. I’d almost feel like a fraud doing it.”

Info: Nick Rhodes established Switchopen in Manchester in 2004. He works in design, illustration and print, combining an interest in printmaking and music. He has produced work for other national and international music artists such as Fleet Foxes and The National.


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