Ross Phillips: The Kings Arms

Show: The King’s Arms. Ross Phillips.

Tell: “This is my entry to the Manchester and Salford Illustrated exhibition, which has been organised to raise money and awareness for the Wood Street Mission, a Manchester based charity. The brief was to produce an image based on the line: What does Manchester mean to you? – I’m from Newcastle, so initially I was all, ‘what’s gannin’ on here like, pet?’

“At the time I got involved with the project, I had only been living in Salford for around 10 months, and I didn’t have a deep connection with anything in the area. When I get a brief I usually like to go for a walk, and I’ll keep walking until I’ve thought of an idea. Sometimes this can result in ending up miles from home, thinking of an idea then realising I’d forgotten to bring a pen. This time I didn’t get very far, as The King’s Arms actually backs onto the block of flats where I live.

“In fact, the pub was one of the reasons I decided to move to that part of Salford. After Googling the name of the place I discovered that it was something of a hidden gem and not your usual, run of the mill drinking establishment. It always attracts a friendly crowd, has some great beers and even better jukebox. The quality of your local pub is often a good indication of the surrounding area, and I think we made the right choice in moving near by.

“I love the fact I can walk out of my building, over the car park, through the beer garden, into the back door and be at the bar in under a minute. I’d like to add at this point that I’m not an alcoholic.

“I was originally going to draw the building on its own, as it is a lovely and unique building. Then I remembered that I hate drawing buildings and so decided to use a photo and draw funny little people on top of it instead. I went out, took a picture on my phone, then spent lots of time drawing different characters until I got something I liked. I was re-reading the Scott Pilgrim comic books at the time, which definitely influenced the look of the characters.

“I then spent a further 5000 hours in Photoshop, adjusting colours, until I was happy/suicidal.”

Info: Ross Phillips is an animator and illustrator who lives and works in Salford and Manchester. He has worked with clients including Sony and ITV.

Between 27th October – 10th November 2011, the very first Manchester and Salford Illustrated exhibition (#MASI) will be held at 52 Princess Street, Manchester. It will be a showcase of the very best commercial artists and illustrators in the area and has been created to raise funds and awareness for Manchester based charity, Wood Street Mission. Strictly limited edition prints and a range of other merchandise will be available for sale, both in person and online.

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