Sean Gee: Snow Globes

Show: Snow Globes. Sean Gee.

Tell: “I hadn’t really thought about giving this or any of the illustrations in The Unhealthy Obsession with Collectables exhibition a specific title, but Caitlin (fellow illustrator) and I were thinking about the exhibition and thought that it should have a museum feel to it. Items would have a name plaque, so I guess that this piece would be Snow Globes as that’s what it’s based around.

“This piece, along with the rest of the work I’ve produced for the exhibition is based around creating a scene or scenario which involves a certain collectable and then adding a humorous spin to it. The starting point for this came around when Caitlin and I sat down and put together a list of items that we consider to be collectables. After being at university and talking to lecturers and staff members, we found out that one lecturer collects Snow Globes and has over 2,000 of them, all different shapes and sizes.

“The majority of my work stems from quick thumbnails, which are then scanned in and developed digitally. I thought for some of work in the exhibition I’d look at using more hand rendered drawings to go with the digital side, for example the use of wax crayons for the outline of the characters.

“If there was any challenge in this, then it would be the getting good quality, final printed outcomes. I love for the end product to be screen printed, and for this exhibition it’s going to be the first where not all of the pieces on show are produced that way. These will be digitally printed on certain types of printer and I will need to become familiar with the stock of paper it will be printed on to. It’s another skill to recreate what’s on screen in a high quality print and I felt that it was a good time to experiment with techniques and materials that I wouldn’t ordinarily use.

“After researching a bit about snow globes and looking at a number of photos, I really liked how some of them featured little characters. I felt that these brought the snow globes ‘to life’ and made it more of an environment where people lived. I remember when it snowed in Sheffield, and it was there for so long I’d had enough of it and wanted it to disappear.

“This then made me think ‘What if? –  What if these little characters lived in these Snow Globes but didn’t want to be there? What if they actually hated having snow around them 24/7 and they want a break from it all? So I decided that I’d give these little characters a chance to go on a holiday of some sorts, where there they can escape the snow and enjoy a Summer Globe.”

Info: Sean Gee is an illustrator who lives and works in Derby, England. He and Caitlin Totten present The Unhealthy Obsession with Collectables Exhibition and the Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery between Tuesday 23 August – Wednesday 7 September 2011.

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