Silent Seduction: Klingatron

Show: Silent Seduction, Klingatron.

Tell: “This painting has been created from a combination of hand cut stencils with brushwork and inks. My stencil work allows me to capture a strong sense of detail, but it’s complimented by the unpredictable splatters and drips. This has been submitted for this year’s Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts.

“The brief for the summer exhibition was open so this allowed me to create whatever I wanted. However, this painting is part of a series of works focusing on female subjects in a sultry fashion. The sensual aesthetic of the female form is a powerful thing and the works aim to portray the idea that it is what you can’t see, but imagine, bringing a sense of attraction and desire.

“I pretty much have the general aesthetics of a painting planned out in my head already and it’s enough for me to jump in the deep end and begin cutting the stencils. Once I know how I want the model to pose I take it from there. When using stencils to create artwork you almost know exactly how the final outcome is going to look. It is a very planned out approach, not to mention time consuming, but now with this new style of work I have been focusing on for the past couple of years there is a sense of unawareness towards my work.

“There is a clear outcome when cutting a stencil – finishing it in order to apply the paint. However, I am now adding an unprepared element that messes up the canvas to contrast the intricate detail found in the stencil work. Now the hardest part of painting is knowing when it’s time to stop with the brush work and drips before it gets too much. I’m loving it.

“When I first taught myself how to use stencil in order to create artwork it was like a breath of fresh air to me (creatively, I usually wear a mask when I paint) and since I started my love and passion for it hasn’t diminished at all. With this new style of working combining stencils with free style techniques my passion continues to blossom. Without question I will be developing this style further and teaching myself more ways to improve, as well as going back to create my detailed Urban Landscape paintings too.”

Info: Glasgow born Klingatron began to teach himself how to create stencils as an art form in his final year of Art College five years ago. Klingatron has since dedicated his attention in developing his style and technique with a blade ultimately producing very delicate and highly intricate stencils that are used only once causing each painting to be unique and completely individual. His work has seen rapid progression since and Klingatron has exhibited in many group shows around Britain alongside three solo shows as well as displaying his paintings as far away as Australia.

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