That was almost fun: Alan Williams

Show: ‘That was almost fun’ blog, Alan Williams.

Tell: “Typically, I work in a number of different disciplines within Red Wire studios on Victoria Street in Liverpool.  However, recently I have been working in a two dimensional format; Drawings, collage, painting etc. ‘That was almost fun’ is a blog, or rather an ongoing project that uses this blog as a platform to be viewed.

“Since January 2010, I have been creating an image every single day and posting them day by day.  In the main the images seem unsystematic in their delivery; random images with random text conveying random meanings.  I am however trying to create some kind of visual language, engaging and puzzling the viewer and also challenging the viewer to somehow unlock their own meaning, concept and relationship with the work.

“I aim to express and communicate a variety of ideas most commonly the subconscious, the human conditioning, society, philosophy, representations of sex and bizarre sexual fantasies.  Emphasis in producing the work is not entirely placed on the transmission of the information or imagery, but rather on how the meaning and concept is perceived.  As the images can take seconds to create or sometimes can take long amounts of time the idea of translation and the notion of narrative and language seems to be a recurrent motif throughout the project.

“I am interested in how circumstances are re-contextualised through our own memory, recognition, and confusion.  I find it fascinating the way we as humans are obsessed with relationships between object, mind and body, the importance of roles and existence and ideas of nothingness and immaterial matter; a common thread between the work and the idea has been to appropriate media, emotion, text and object.

“Capturing the audience with just a single image visually as well as psychologically allows one to form a more developed meaning or narrative from my work.”

Info: Artist, Alan Williams was born in Liverpool, England in 1985. Working in a number of different disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation, video and sound he aims to express and communicate certain ideas the subconscious, media, society, representations of sex and bizarre sexual fantasies. He currently lives and works in Liverpool.

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