The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane: David Ryan Robinson

Show: Book based on The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane. David Ryan Robinson.

Tell: “There are two projects being shown at my final show and one is a book based on a short poem written New Jersey singers Allie Moss and Bess Roger called The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane.  I was working on Allie Moss’s new album at the time, when she asked me if I could take a look at a poem that she and Bess had wrote.  It was very good and I couldn’t help but illustrate it!

“The story is about a small plastic toy aeroplane that flies into rain.  Each line of the story has been illustrated and the wooden cover has been laser cut, which looks rather nice! I pretty much just drew what the poem described:

The giant, pliant plastic plane
Flew into a slew of rain
The people inside
They whined and they cried
‘Til the pilot replied:
Please let me explain!

You’re in a craft of elastic plastic
Whose giant, pliant wings
Are super fantastic!
They get stretchy & bendy
When weather gets windy,
And the waterproof roof — without hesitation –
Dries off every drop
Of precipitation.
At first sign of night
The wings begin glowing
So herds of birds
Can see where they’re going!
This crafty aircraft shows no sign of slowing!

So don’t whine and complain
because of the rain.
And don’t be so drastic!
Enjoy the ride
In the giant pliant plastic plane you’re inside.

“It started off with just a drawing of a plane.  Allie liked it and a couple of months later I carried it on.  It was all a bit hectic as I had this idea right in the middle of illustrating the album, so I had to put this project on hold for a while.

“The laser cut covers seemed a bit annoying.  I had to sand and cut the covers to fit the pages… it wasn’t too much hard work really, just annoying having to make sure each book looked perfect.

“The second piece in the show that will be shown is my editorial work for The Guardian.  There will also be giant A1 posters available for sale, which have been RISO spot printed. The poster was the first thing I have ever printed using RISO spot print, a technique I have been wanting to do for a while, but needed some excuse to use it.  Turns out it is actually a very cheap process! The poster is big. I want to carry on working big!”

Info: David Ryan Robinson is an illustrator and graphic designer who has been working on a freelance basis in Manchester, whilst studying at the University of Salford. His work will be on display at the ‘My Big Fat Show’ exhibition at The Hive, Manchester from Wednesday 15 June 2011.

The Giant Pliant Plastic Plane © Allie Moss & Bess Rogers. Reproduced with permission.

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