Various Artists: Drawing Paper

Show: Drawing Paper. Various Artists.

Tell: “That we had so many people around us that could draw was probably the starting point for Drawing Paper, and developing more and more of an interest in drawing personally. It also comes from an interest in design, wanting to produce some nice printed documents and having the opportunity to create them.

“It was a case of pulling together friends and associates who were doing interesting work in drawing and just putting something out there and seeing what happened. The artists are from different backgrounds and not necessarily working primarily in drawing, but most artists have had an interest in drawing at some point. It was interesting to see the work that came from artists who don’t necessarily work in that medium.

“Artists get a page, and the printing costs are paid for through the contributions of artists. We don’t make any profit out of that at all; it’s a labour of love. It could be viewed as a platform in itself, as a nice way of advertising yourself and your work. There are no funding bodies and no sponsors involved, and with our design expertise we can look after the production and printing side of things.

“We send artists a copy to let them know what they’d be getting involved in. They seem to be quite impressed and appreciate the self-funded side of things; they seem to identify with that stance and tend to want to become involved.”

Words: Mike Carney

“The democracy of it is really important. It’s not a white walled studio space or gallery that you have to jump through hoops to become involved with. It’s an open space, so we have people with really wide ranging experience involved in it. Drawing Paper has someone like the Head of the Institute of Photography in New York on a page opposite someone who is just starting out.

“We have thought about theming it, but we tend to squirm away from that a bit. There’s an introductory positioning statement of some kind in every issue, so we had one that was about collaboration, which is an idea that I really like. We invite people to come to us, put a piece of paper down, put some tunes on and just do it. It’s a way of mapping conversation with people. However, the work that follows in the paper doesn’t necessarily follow a theme from that statement. We approach people based on their work, we don’t go out and select a particular piece of their work.

“It’s important that it’s tangible, and that comes from our interested in making objects. After years of working as designers, for people who instructed us to create something to a brief and wanting sign off and that sort of thing, it’s lovely to have complete freedom over something. “

Words: Jon Barraclough

Info: Drawing Paper is a not for profit newspaper based publication concerned solely with drawing, curated, designed and published in Liverpool UK by artists/designers Mike Carney and Jon Barraclough.

Drawing Paper has been shortlisted for The Liverpool Art Prize 2012. Jon and Mike will be exhibiting alongside the three other shortlisted artists at Metal, Edge Hill, Liverpool from 27th April 2012.

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