Vickie Simpson: An Automatic Machine

Show: An Automatic Machine. Vickie Simpson.

Tell: “I create experimental and tangible pieces of print. At the moment I am exploring typewriter art. This interest developed further after I left university and when facilities like letterpress, screen-printing, and photocopiers were cruelly parted from me. Typewriters are so accessible (I own four and the total spend was less than £15) and like photocopiers their primary function is only the start of their possibilities.

“The project that resulted in An Automatic Machine was based around interviews I conducted with various designers, exploring their view on how hand controlled, mechanical processes like photocopiers are a form of art in their own right.

“I selected quotes from these interviews and designed a set of posters and a publication. These were produced via inexpensive hand-operated and experimental methods of production.  I guess it was a quiet rebellion against the high-tech digital age we are part of.

“The process led the design rather than the other way around. I printed a set of quotes and then individually manipulated the paper on a photocopier; these prints were then screen-printed in either blue or red. The crux of the project was to combine photocopies with the manual process of screen-printing. It was a way of showing just how remarkable low budget printed matter can be.

“From a personal point of view I get frustrated with computer screens and have a serious love hate relationship with technology, even though as a graphic designer it is integral to my practice.  I spend most days on a computer and, don’t get me wrong, most of the time it’s great, but an integral part of who I am as a designer is to sometimes step away from the Mac and make stuff.

“Even though the outcome is occasionally terrible, and gets thrown out, for me it is more about the physical process and if a gem is created along the way then that’s an added bonus.”

Info: Vickie Simpson is a graphic designer from Manchester. She utilises a combination of drawing, collage, scan, photocopier, typewriter and manual printing techniques to craft experimental and tangible pieces of print.

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