Yelena Popova: Untitled

Show: Untitled. Yelena Popova.

Tell: “Among other things I’m interested in the digital, in the immateriality of screen-based images or those small, soft touch-screen gestures for example.

“This is an installation with paintings, mixed media on linen. Due to its transparency, the image recedes into the raw fabric of the linen. The painted image is not quite there; it has a kind of immaterial, ghostly presence. The way I install the paintings creates a clash between the immateriality of their images and the paintings as objects, leaning against each other and the other props I use.

“There is always a danger in overworking the paintings. It’s like leaving a message on the virgin snow; you can’t hide your tracks. There’s no chance to paint over the mistakes, you either win or lose in a small sequence of precise gestures.”

Info: Yelena Popova lives and works in Nottingham, UK. She is one of 45 artists exhibiting as part of CAVE Art Fair, which takes place at the Baltic Creative Campus, Liverpool, between Thursday 13th – Sunday 16th September 2012.

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