Young Pines: No Vacancy

Show: No Vacancy. Young Pines.

Tell: “In total there are 10 of us working as Young Pines. The No Vacancy exhibition is the second of our self-initiated projects, funded by the art and design agency Mercy. The exhibition itself will showcase works in typography, illustration, installation and video; we each brought our own skills to the table and the final works show a marriage of all these contributions.

“As a collective we’ve all had a say, everyone’s had an input, in the poetry and in the art, it really is a group piece. The poet, Greg Gibson, brought an idea to our initial meeting that was totally different to the end result. As a group we’ve developed it into what it is now following a fair few debates about where we were going. Will Daw, Christine Gore and I have all had some input into the poems and Greg has had some input into the art so it’s a true collaboration, we’ve all steered the project together.

“The writing has evolved with the artwork and vice versa; there was no real decision to ‘react’ to the literature as both have evolved together. The literature was the first idea, but we, as a group, wanted to create something physical that went towards expressing something in the poems.

“The zine is an invitation, a snippet into the story and project as a whole, the poem has turned out a bit like an invitation. With the care and attention we put into each copy it stands alone as its own piece; however, we encourage everyone to get down to show itself and check out all the work! Working as an invite we wanted each zine to be unique; screen-printing each cover and hand stitching them all individually adds that personal touch.

“The zine works as a very small part of the project overall; the choice to self-publish was an alternative way of showing the work. We are planning to later release all the artwork and poems in one publication; a keepsake for the project that will allow those who can’t visit the exhibition itself to gain a similar insight.”

Words: Thom Isom

Info: Young Pines is an agency formed by the participants in the Mercy internship programme. The members form a collective of illustrators, designers and creative writers who can make work for the web or print, curate events or craft copy.

No Vacancy is an exhibition of visual art based on the poetry of Greg Gibson, exploring overpopulation by imaging a crowed hotel used a refuge by survivors of a natural disaster. The exhibition runs between 15th – 25th March 2012 at Wolstenholme Creative Space, Liverpool and features the work of Young Pines members Will Daw, Christine Gore and Thom Isom.

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